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10 ways to define love

What is love? It is the warm affection through sincere emotions and behaviors from one another. A warm hug that makes you smile no matter the weather.  As shown in movies and films, the intensity of love is different and can change over time. It is not a fantasy, but both sides put in effort in reality. It’s not about intertwining bodies to become one, but both individuals supporting and pushing each other forward towards the same destination. An important part of human development and a powerful tool that influences our actions.

The real question is,
How do the stages of love transform us?
Are we blindly chasing desires?
How do we express love?
What if love isn’t all sunshine and rainbows?
How do we deal with heartbreak? 

The editorial series is a way to let our creative team shine. It is a monthly initiative to understand and explore a topic by translating its message through visuals. Our articles are the first step to elaborate and talk about topics that matter. Feeling the love in February, we dive into the human experiences to define love and discover how it transforms us through time.  

1. Love is innocence

Exposed to the new world, a new feeling, an adventure motivated by curiosity. As a child, we seek the meaning of this feeling. What is it? Why does it feel good? Continue to crave for more.  

2. Love is sacrifice

Filled with love and compassion, mothers and women keep on giving. They multiply whatever they get, you will receive more than what you asked for. To achieve a harmonious relationship, they are often the ones who take the first step, to forgive, to be the glue that holds everyone together, the sun of the family, growing towards a brighter future.

3. Love is devotion

To sustain love, we must be willing to fully commit. As feelings die down, losing spark, we need to get comfortable with each other as we become more vulnerable. Talk it out with your partner, work things out together, and devote yourself to the person that matters.

4. Love is receiving

The first time we received (endless) love was from our parents. Traumas, challenges, or perceptions of others can transform and limit us to receive love. As such, we can feel unworthy, losing self-esteem and confidence in ourselves. On the other hand, we can continue to receive, demanding more, not realizing the impact we have onto those who kept giving until it is too late. Always be mindful of who you are, your actions, and your choices. Remember to give when you take.

5. Love is courage

Conflicts encourage change. If there are situations where you disagree or oppose, voice out the truth and let them know when the time is right. Sit down and conduct a dialogue, communicate and work it out together. Keeping it all inside represses your feelings until it bursts out one day. This also encourages overthinking. To strengthen our relationship, sometimes it is better out than in.

6. Love is reflection

Our expressions will reflect other people’s reactions or responses towards us. This is one of the ways to understand ourselves and our actions better to grow and improve as human beings. Other than learning externally from interactions, it is important to also reflect within ourselves to shine away false judgment and evaluate changes that are needed to propel forward.

7. Love is euphoria

Happiness, joy, sunshine, and rainbows. In the beginning, this is what love feels like. A warm fuzzy feeling that lights up our entire body, floating in the air. We can be addicted to it. When the feeling is lost, we may feel empty and continue an endless chase for that high. Until we have awoken, we will remain blind in the relationship, always feeling alone.

8. Love is boundaries

Know thyself, love thyself, love others. Defining who we are and creating boundaries help protect ourselves from potential threats that break us to the bone. It is being aware and saying no to a toxic person or situation. It is communication. It is a connection. It is the love to live, for ourselves and our loved ones.

9. Love is being true

Everyone wears a mask. Not a face mask against Covid-19, but a mask we create to appeal to others, painting a pretty picture to seek for their love. It’s tiring and time-consuming. This plays not only with other people’s feelings but your own, lying to yourself. Know that you are one-of-a-kind, show your true value by being authentic. Don’t live a life chasing for bees, live like a flower that is full of honey.

10. Love is letting go

When your heart hurts, let it out. When the moment has passed, it’s time to let go and move on. Feelings and emotions come and go, like waves in the sea, clouds in the sky, the cycle of life. Everyone grieves or deals with this moment differently; some need more time or additional support (such as from friends or therapy) than others. Be present and fully embrace how you feel. Once you are ready, let go of the past and open to new opportunities in the future. 

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