Monthly highlights: February 2022

Monthly highlights: February 2022

February is a month of love. We celebrated Valentine's and Galantine Day with the limited “Eye Love You” Pouch and kicked off our editorial photo series that explores the meaning of love by expressing our creativity with our “Cross The Line” liquid eyeliners. Moreover, moving towards our next chapter, we launched the “Beesy Moving Out Sales” that lasted for two weeks. Looking back, we are grateful for all the love and support, especially when we can meet you in person during our sales. Thank you!

On the latest launches, we collaborated with Pomelo once again. This time, creating something new and exclusive, expanding the “Clap For Yourself” line with our unique cut, statement prints, comfortable yet breezy materials, and details. Read on below to find out more about the inspiration and info for each product! All items are exclusively available on Pomelo!

 Tiger Shirt Set

We infused the spirit of the Tiger into the “Clap For Yourself” casual wear designs. Each piece showcases different watercolor designs and vibrant colors that focus on four themes: valor, sanctuary, unapologetic, and rejuvenation.

Kittie Yiyi Pomelo Clap For Yourself Tiger Shirt Set Green and Purple

Tiger Shirt Set in Green

Kittie Yiyi Pomelo Clap For Yourself Tiger Shirt Set Pink

Tiger Shirt set in Pink

The green and pink set fits into the sanctuary theme with a huge bear protecting our inner child and providing a safe space to return to.

 Kittie Yiyi Pomelo Clap For Yourself Tiger Shirt Set in Orange

Tiger Shirt set in Orange

Unapologetic features the orange set with loud colors and big prints. An illustration where the little girl has grown up and found her roar, channeling queen energy!

Kittie Yiyi Pomelo Clap For Yourself Tiger Shirt Set White

Tiger Shirt set in White

With so many colorful pieces, we never forget those who prefer simplicity. Thus, valor and rejuvenation were created to bring out their strengths. A valorous tiger takes up the front part of the white set, the space refers to the endless possibilities of the future.

Kittie Yiyi Pomelo Clap For Yourself Tiger Shirt Set Rainbow

Tiger Shirt set in Rainbow

Lastly, the rejuvenate rainbow set incorporates a woman and tiger fairy in a cup on the bottom front of the shirt. In a world full of uncertainty, remember to stop and recuperate so you can come out stronger and face your challenges.

Living in a Southeast-Asian country, we often experience a dramatic change in weather. It could be super-hot today, raining and humid tomorrow. Kittie Yiyi and the team not only designed the pieces to include a pop of prints and colors but also optimized comfort for our weather. This casual wear collection consists of a hidden pocket on the shirt, two side pockets, and one back pocket for the pants. We can’t forget our signature bee on them too! Whether you dress to impress or have a casual day out, our pieces are easy to mix and match that promise comfort and style.

Available exclusively on Pomelo.

Tiger Logo Tee 

Kittie Yiyi Pomelo Clap For Yourself Logo Tee

Simple Logo Tiger Tee

Kittie Yiyi Pomelo Clap For Yourself 6 Logo Tee

6 Logo Tiger Tee

Observing trends from all walks of life, most people prefer an easy, timeless, and simple style with a pop of color. Clothing as simple as a t-shirt is so flexible that it can shape the perception and style of a person differently. With that in mind, Kittie created two logo tees. One with a simple print on the top left, and a graphic tee with six logos. Playful and clean.

Available exclusively on Pomelo.

Knit Vest

In our past article, we shared the inspiration behind our knitted vest. We hope this vest gives a warm hug to those in need, motivating you to move forward, remember that you are worthy. A beautiful design that collectively sums the entire “Clap For Yourself” collection.

 Kittie Yiyi Pomelo Clap For Yourself Red Knit Vest

Reflection Red
Open our eyes and mind to be aware of ourselves throughout this journey. Riding the waves of life, reflect on ourselves to be better, and continue to strive forward.

Kittie Yiyi Pomelo Clap For Yourself Blue Knit Vest

Serenity Blue
After experiencing the storm, we arrive back at our happy place to be at peace, recuperate, and become stronger before facing the next challenge.

Available on our website, official Shopee page, and Pomelo.

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