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Kaizerine & Elio: Cherishing the bond of childhood

Kai, a Filipina photographer and filmmaker based in Malaysia. She is also a young mother to Elio Irie, her son, who she raised to be an imaginative kid. Kai is an aspiring photographer who captures the spiritual fragments in time and weaves a story to evoke one’s emotion with words.

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Kittie Yiyi & Mdm. Wong: Wisdom for the next generation

Kittie has been challenging herself on creating a variety of designs in every season and even infusing her passion in beauty by launching the “Cross The Line" liquid eyeliner. Her boundless creativity, perseverance and diligence turns her into an outstanding entrepreneur. Read on as Kittie shares her story with her mom and reaches out for their advice to better express our care towards love’s one.

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Wabiko: Surrealism to expand the human experience

Wabiko, known as Ke Xin, is a visual artist and illustrator who embraces the surrealism aspects of her artwork. This style does not restrict the artist but rather gives them and the audience the full freedom to form and appreciate the art piece in their own unique way. The artist sheds light on her guidance for art and life through the essence of surrealism. 

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