Made 4 Mummy

Made 4 Mummy

Celebrating and Embracing the Unique Mother-Daughter Bond


What does it mean to you to be your mother’s daughter? Mothers and their daughters have a unique connection; sometimes they’re sisters and sometimes they’re even the best of friends. This Mother’s Day, we want to celebrate the similarities and honour the differences shared within this sacred connection—an unbreakable bond spanning across generations held together by unconditional love. Mothers, we adore you.


In terms of design, our Made 4 My Mummy campaign logo features two irregular circles with a circle inside to symbolise a mom carrying her baby inside her. It also symbolises family, unity, life, and protection. In the end, the small circle will turn out like the big one. The 3 different sets of unique yet similar circles symbolise how all moms are different from each other but they’re similar in one way: their love for their child(ren).




As a physical manifestation of all those feelings, we’ve collaborated with @witchwood to present you with the memorable Mother’s Day gift of a unique paper basket filled with pretty surprises that Mum is sure to love!



'Just 4 Mummy' Basket

08.05.23    6 PM

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