Feminine and masculine energy

6 stages to tap into your feminine or masculine energy

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on 8th March with one goal in mind – GENDER EQUALITY. It is not only for women but for all. Why?

People with the power of change can be intentional or unconsciously biased toward women, the queer community, people of color, and others to receive equal opportunities that unlock their greatness. A gender-equal world creates a sustainable future that provides better health, wealth, productivity, and peace. Everybody wins! To achieve that, we (men and boys included) have to be educated, mindful and take action.

The theme for 2022 is #BreakTheBias. As society is male-dominated, we believe that channeling our feminine or masculine side is one of the ways we can empathize with others and have stronger relationships. The masculine energy is knowledge of rules and order to control and predict outcomes. On the other hand, feminine energy opens to new possibilities that are uncertain to inspire us to grow further. Read on to discover the six stages to tap into your other side.

1. Innocence

With a heart bursting with curiosity, we are more open to try and uncover new experiences. Each moment brings a wave of sensations and emotions that delight our senses, staying present and enabling ourselves to feel our emotions, be one with our environment, bask in the blinding light of joy.

2. Exploring

To be or not to be? To search for an answer, we should explore even further. Spend time with other genders (parent, family, friend), express or create something new, find your people. Listen to their stories and advice, open your eyes by reading books (boring but reliable). Guide your journey and expand your mind.

3. Vulnerability

Great intentions and deep connections. As we seek clarity, pieces of the truth may reveal themselves. Maybe the reason we have been avoiding our feminine or masculine side is because of societal standards and peer pressure. Going against our beliefs and values. Maybe this process uncovers the true colors of those around us as we embrace a more authentic version of ourselves. Just remember, where there is pain, there is change, there is growth.

4. Learning

Now that we are mindful of the changes, it is time to figure this out. What do I like or dislike? How does this change my perceptions of others and me as a person? Do I gravitate more to my masculine or feminine side? At this moment, who am I? Find tools to help you ground yourself during this hurricane of questions. Start to meditate (helps to clear your mind), write down your thoughts in a journal, and self-reflect. One baby step, one act of self-respect.

5. Acceptance

You painted a realistic picture of the new you, now what? You take ACTION! Make your mark in the world as you find the balance between masculine and feminine energies. Apologize for past mistakes, mend broken bridges, forgive and let go, and more importantly, continue to inspire and empower those around you. Seek your purpose and be the beacon of light. 

6. Live 

Red pill, blue pill. Would you choose to live on your own terms or follow others? Rome wasn’t built in a day. Opportunities for change will always come as we grow older through time. Don’t give up, keep the young spirit in you alive, continue to refine those sharp edges, redefine your colors, and break free from bias and stereotypes. Only those who do the work can enjoy the sweet fruits of their efforts. Always embrace and be unapologetically YOU!

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