Monthly highlights: January 2022

Monthly highlights: January 2022

January is a time for new beginnings and spring cleaning for Chinese New Year. With so many exciting projects lined up, we decided to feature a monthly highlight of all our new launches, promotions, collaborations and upcoming events! Our purpose is to provide a clear overview of offerings to our amazing customers and followers, as well to see our articles as milestones and reflections to do better.

This month, Kittie Yiyi and the team has curated exclusive bundles and collaborations for Chinese New Year. More importantly, we are very excited to share our new statement piece – the “Clap For Yourself” vests! Read on below to find out more about the inspiration and info for each product!

“Clap For Yourself” Vests

Kittieyiyi Clap For Yourself Vest

In this world, we are mostly alone to face our challenges and continue to strive forward in hopes for a brighter future. Reflecting on the past, Kittie decided to create a vest to celebrate our resilience and remind us to be kind to ourselves. The idea was inspired by the Butterfly Hug method where you create a butterfly with your hands and tap the wings on your chest. This a grounding method used in therapy to calm down and comfort ourselves to reduce negative emotions.

For this piece, we created two designs in “Reflection Red” and “Serenity Blue”. Both having different perspectives but embraces the similar spirit to never give up. We hope the vests gives a warm hug to those in need, also act as a reminder for them to appreciate and praise themselves once in a while. Remember that you are enough and we hope you love this piece as much as we do.

Reflection Red
Open our eyes and mind to be aware of ourselves throughout this journey. Riding the waves of life, reflect on ourselves to be better, and continue to strive forward.

Serenity Blue
After experiencing the storm, we arrive back at our happy place to be at peace, recuperate, and become stronger before facing the next challenge.



'Hǔ-Hǔ-Hǔ' Chinese New Year Lucky Box

Kittieyiyi Hu Hu Hu CNY Lucky Box

Mass production has been a serious problem for many years. This issue also contributes to society’s impressions on pricing and quality goods particularly towards designer, handmade, and green products. Here at Kittie Yiyi, we understand the underlying issues and try our best efforts to support the environment. With that in mind, we look into our resources to curate bundles, exclusive deals, and look into innovate ideas.

For Chinese New Year, rather than creating a new set of items, the team has curated a set of goodies worth RM888 for only RM388. We wanted to create an opportunity for others to own a piece of our products at an affordable price. Each box will include a number of items that may include products listed below:

  • Kittie Yiyi Beauty ‘Cross The Line' collection
  • Kittie Yiyi Pomelo collection
  • Kittie Yiyi ‘One and Only' collection
  • Kittie Yiyi ‘Ready-to-wear' collection
  • Kittie Yiyi hoodies
  • Kittie Yiyi bralette
  • Kittie Yiyi bee plushie (with bee box)
  • Kittie Yiyi cat pins, Behati pins
  • Kittie Yiyi stickers
  • Kittie Yiyi bee patches
  • Kittie Yiyi mask
  • Kittie Yiyi sanitizers

The Japanese Furoshiki wrap is a beautiful addition to the final product. We hand wrap each box using the excess fabric from our previous collections. The fabric can be upcycled into an accessory (e.g., bag, bandana, or scarf) or reuse it to wrap Chinese New Year gifts (definitely will win the hearts of aunties and sustainability warriors).


Cross The Line CNY Special Bundle

Kittieyiyi CNY Bundle

As we continue to strive forward and manifest our dreams in the ferocious year of the tiger, we must never forget to adorn our warpaint to look fierce with confidence and face obstacles head on! Channeling this spirit, we curated four (4) “Cross The Line” bundles. Each package includes one (1) two-tier box organizer and one (1) sticker pack with a selection of six (6) “Cross The Line” liquid eyeliners or outfit set (Rainbow Blue or Checkmate Green).  

Store your important documents, journaling tools, or precious items with our sturdy designed box organizer. Go wild and express yourself with all six (6) shades of the “Cross The Line” liquid eyeliner. Our outfit set is breezy and comfortable that serves as a safe look during family gatherings. Not to mention you will absolutely give off main character energy and stand out in photos! May these bundles support you as tools to help manifest an abundance of achievements this year!

Available on our website and official Shopee page.

Kittie Yiyi x Xmegami

Kittieyiyi Xmegami beauty box collaboration

Having a connection of love, luck, and wealth with our offerings mentioned earlier, we cannot ignore the most important ingredient – health!

As a fashion designer, entrepreneur, and influencer, Kittie has a crazy schedule to juggle work and personal life. Being aware of the negative effects from an irregular diet, she tried an alternative option by including Xmegami’s products in her daily diet. Witnessing benefits after a few months, we were motivated to collaborate with Xmegami to design an exclusive beauty package.

To encourage beauty inside and out, we proudly present the Kittie Yiyi and Xmegami beauty box! Xmegami tackles beauty on the inside through health products with the Misu N+ meal replacement and Misu Dx detox sachet. On the other hand, Kittie Yiyi hopes to boost beauty and confidence on the outside with the “Cross The Line” liquid eyeliner. Both parties joined forces to include an exclusive sticker pack, a bottle, and a set of tools. Overall, the beauty box is designed for users to upcycle the box, express and personalize their bottles, and easily consume the health products.

Purchase your beauty box here!

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