Made 4 Mummy: Yan Zhu, Mummy of May

Made 4 Mummy: Yan Zhu, Mummy of May

A daughter's journey into adulthood and her own motherhood may foster independence, but she remains deeply connected to her mother, valuing her guidance and cherishing their bond.

Yan Zhu’s best qualities have been instrumental in shaping her daughter, May into a mature, responsible adult, and their relationship continues to evolve as lifelong mentors to each other.

Let’s learn more about this stay-at-home mother who grew up in less fortunate circumstances but now is able to travel the world side-by-side with her daughter who makes it her goal to let her mum see the world.

What can we call you?

YZ: My name is Tan Zhu.
May: My name is May.

Describe the relationship with each other in one word.

YZ: Caring.
May: Peaceful.


How many children do you have?

YZ: I have 4 children.

How has motherhood changed your life?

YZ: Life became busy and I spent a lot of my time taking care of my children.

What is the best thing about being your daughter's mum?

YZ: She has been well-behaved since childhood, knows right from wrong, and makes me feel very pleased.

How do you see yourself in your daughter?

YZ: In her independence; being able to live well without relying on others.

What’s your favourite thing about your mum?

May: It’s definitely her ability to love all her children equally.

How do you see yourself in your mother?

May: I've learnt to be a better mum myself, taking care of my own children, following in her footsteps as she cared for all her children and grandchildren.

What’s a beauty secret that you picked up from your mum?

May: Bright red lipstick!

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Creative Direction: Kittie Yiyi
Text: Natasha
Photography: Lobach
Styling: Kittie Yiyi
Stylist Assistant: Dikson
Lighting Assistant: Carl
Hair: Anni
Make Up Artist: Diana
Art Direction: Ying
Talents: Yan Zhu, May

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