5 tips for a long-lasting eyeliner in 2022

5 tips for a long-lasting eyeliner in 2022

The face is our canvas,
primer and foundation to set a flawless base,
eyeliners as colored pens,
eyeshadows as color palettes,
shades to contour depth and highlight certain features,
brushes, sponges, powders, and sprays as tools,
all to create and preserve our creations,
a masterpiece.

Makeup is magic, this is what we are told to believe in. From movies to advertisements, individuals especially women are portrayed to be more desirable, confident, and beautiful after a makeover. However, this may not the case in reality. Everyone has different shades, features, and styles. Simply put, all of us work with a different canvas.   

The team at Kittie Yiyi Beauty is aware of this gap, where women are sold to this magical idea, but utterly disappointed when they are unable to see expected results. Gathering all the feedback from our amazing customers and followers regarding the “Cross The Line” eyeliners, we believe the responses support our assumptions, where women may not have adequate knowledge on how makeup works. Thus, they may highlight to the brand that the beauty products do not work as intended. With this in mind, we came up with five tips focusing on skin prep to help you create a beautiful and long-lasting look to seize the day! 

Asian makeup tips 2022, Long lasting eyeliner tips 2022

Avoid a thick skincare base
Ensure the skincare base isn’t too thick, specifically at the eye area. Many people over-moisturize and build a thick layer that encourages the skin to produce oil throughout the day. We advise only a thin layer of water-based sunblock with primer as an option for the eye area. Reserve and apply your eye cream in the evening. To ensure a dry and clean canvas, you may lightly dab your skin with tissue or oil paper. This method helps your makeup application last longer.

Ensure the beauty products matches your skin type
Beauty products are not one-stop miracles. We have to read the labels, ingredients, and go through trial and error to find one that suits us the most. For oily or combination skin, we suggest a matte primer base and foundation. In dry, cold, or stuffy environments, use a water mist to freshen up and add moisture to your skin. As we wear masks today, you can mix your foundation with setting spray to avoid transferring your makeup and it lasts longer. In the end, your face shouldn’t feel cakey or thick.

Baking for oily or combination skin
If you have oily or combination skin, we advise you to “bake” your skin to minimize the oils to create a creaseless and flawless makeup base. After applying foundation and concealer, only apply translucent or loose setting powder at certain points that produce the most oil on your face (e.g., nose bridge, forehead, and chin). For the eyes, bake translucent powder under the lower eye area for 5 to 10 minutes to avoid smudges or panda eyes.

Asian makeup tips 2022, Long lasting eyeliner tips 2022

Eyeshadow on the upper lid
This is particularly for the double and hooded eyelid friends out there! Take some light yellowish-brown eyeshadow and apply it on the upper lid and crease to show depth in your eyes. This would help correct and even out the application on your eyelids, creating a smooth and flawless base. You can also apply it to your nose bridge and corners to create more dimension. Ensure you blend the lines well and don’t overdo it to avoid looking cakey.

Avoid touching the face or rubbing the eye area
Whenever you touch your face, it’s game over! Our hands pick up germs and dust that will not only contaminate or cause a reaction to our skin but affects the makeup application. Specifically, avoid touching and rubbing your eyes as you may cause the makeup application to fall into and irritate your eyes, as well to cause smudges if you rub too hard. If you are sweating, lightly dab around the eye area with a tissue.

How to use the “Cross The Line” liquid eyeliners

If you are using the “Cross The Line” liquid eyeliners, remember to shake and test the pen onto your clean hand. If the tip does not create a thin and even pigmented line, don’t fear! As our eyeliners dry fast, this may be due to the overexposure of the pen before and during usage or simply because the new pen needed to be activated before use. Shake the pen and draw again, this time add pressure to draw using the middle part of the brush and slowly work your way to the tip. This helps to activate the product during each use to create bold and clear lines. The “Cross The Line” liquid eyeliners are waterproof and smudge-proof. Ensure the product dries and sets after 3 to 5 seconds before applying a second coat.

We hope the tips above can assist you on your journey in search of the best product and application method to express your true self through makeup. The team has also taken notes on how to improve and create quality tools in the near future for you to achieve your goals. Do take note that makeup applications are affected by the skin type (dry, oily, or combination), weather (e.g., dry, cold, humid, stuffy...etc.), or a reaction with other beauty products. There is no one solution, just a journey of self-exploration to find oneself, suitable products, and methods to express one’s true self. As we embrace growth and change, feel free to share your achievements, experiences, or makeup tips with us. Let’s learn from each other! Till then, our doors are always open and we wish you all the best in your journey!

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