Kittie Yiyi Beauty Cross The Line Liquid Eyeliner

Introducing the Cross The Line liquid eyeliner! 👁️✨

As an avid lover of makeup, Kittie Yiyi proudly presents “Cross The Line” – a liquid eyeliner that encourages everyone to take risks and release their inner creativity. The body of each pen was inspired by children’s stationery and ergonomically designed for a controlled grip. An easy-glide formula that provides a non-cakey and non-flaky matte finish, promising a smooth application without any access product. Waterproof and smudge-proof that fast dries within 3-5 seconds. With health safety in mind, the liquid eyeliners are vegan, also paraben, gluten, and cruelty-free.

“Growing up, we were taught to follow the rules, to be a certain way to fit into society. Cross The Line is a reminder not to take life too seriously. Take a chance, color outside the lines, feel alive!”, said Kittie Yiyi.

“Beauty, fashion, and makeup are not just an aesthetic. It is an armor, a warpaint that expresses how we feel, to remind us who we are, to get out to the world, own our space, motivate us to achieve our goals, never let dreams be dreams. It is a journey of self-discovery and learning from the support of one another. With a world full of hate and chaos, let’s try and change, starting from myself, hoping to use my platform for the better,” she said, hoping to create safe and innovative products while sharing her knowledge on beauty. 

The “Cross The Line" liquid eyeliner is the first product launched in conjunction with the reveal of Kittie Yiyi Beauty – a sub brand by Kittie Yiyi who intends to infuse her passion for beauty, creativity, and innovation to create products to help empower people in their journey of self-love and self-liberation.
All products are available for purchase on the website at The “Cross The Line” bundles are exclusively available on the Kittie Yiyi Beauty Official Shopee page.  
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