Afie Rohim: Expressing oneself with colors and accessories

Afie Rohim: Expressing oneself with colors and accessories

Plain and boring are never the words to describe makeup enthusiast, Afie Rohim. The 26-year-old Malay artist has a background in fashion design and has created makeup looks from conceptual art, editorial, cosplay, up to her recent work for Harith Zazman’s “Shut Up” music video.

The creative soul started her jewelry business – during the pandemic last year with handmade mask chains with signature bead designs which slowly expanded to include keychains and earrings with 8-bit characters and elements. Afie also bonds with her nephew and nieces through makeup and jewelry, boosting their confidence and creating happy memories.

Read on to find out Afie’s insights to overcome creative block and her styling tips to better express our personalities. 

Describe yourself in 10 words or less. List from the most prominent to the least.
1. Awkward.
2. Weird.
3. Creative.
4. Quiet
5. Anxious.
6. Colorful.
7. Strict.
8. Fun.
9. Messy.
10. Artistic.

One color that defines who you are. Why?
Red. I feel this [color] represents myself more of the fiery and hot-headed spirit that I am.
What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty to me means individuality. Everyone has their own way of beauty and it shouldn’t be defined as a specific thing in a box.

What is your dream?
My dream is to be one of the best editorial make-up artists in Southeast Asia.

What is your signature look?
I truly don’t feel that I have a signature look where people will know it’s my work. With many opportunities at hand, I haven’t been able to constantly produce new looks. However, I’m pretty well known for trying to experiment and stick materials on my face like pearls, crystals, fabric, thread, and even wood clips. I’m still trying out new and innovative things so maybe one day I could find my signature look.

What are the challenges you face when creating a look?
A creative block is definitely one of my biggest downfalls when it comes to creating a look. Sometimes I feel the constant pressure of needing to come out not just with regular content, but amazing content that blows people’s minds. The way I overcome, however, is trying not to push myself to create content and take breaks when I need to. Sometimes playing games and watching new shows help me find inspiration too!

How can accessories elevate and overall look?
Accessories can be that finishing touch for looks. It’s okay to complete a make-up look and immediately take photos of it but I do feel that accessories can truly define a look even more especially when you style it correctly. It gives out that sense of fun into your look. You can wear earrings or hairclips that matches your eye makeup or wear a bunch of necklaces and chokers if you have a more punk look.

Tips to accessorize for people who wear a tudung or hijab.
Try to experiment with a hijab style that you like. It could be a turban; it could be a simple shawl where you can be creative with the access fabric. You can play with hair clips, hats, beanies, or even add another scarf to your hijab. Personally, I love using hair clips and baker boy hats because I dislike using pins for my shawl and it also shows my personality more. 

“Try to experiment with a
hijab style that you like.
You can play with hairclips,
hats, beanies, or even add
another scarf onto your hijab.”

What is your favorite part of the “Cross The Line” liquid eyeliner pen? Why?
I love how there’s more than one color and they are all very pigmented. You can play around with the eyeliners however you want. Also, the nylon brush tip is an A+ for me! It’s easier to glide and the brush tip would last longer.


Tips to spice up a daily makeup look at work.
Adding on a simple eyeliner can always spice up a look. I love having one dot (or three) below each eye in any color to make a daily look interesting yet not too wild.

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