Vivien: A thoughtful perspective on cruelty-free makeup products

Vivien: A thoughtful perspective on cruelty-free makeup products

Down to earth with a passion for art, content creator and makeup enthusiast – Vivien has been challenging herself and serving us a variety of looks, creating bigger and bolder designs every year. Each concept was illustrated using patterns, illusions, and colors that tell an interesting story.

Besides that, she is a vegetarian with two dogs – Nina (her boyfriend’s rescue dog) and Blossom (a previously depressed Beagle adopted by her mother). Vivien also rescues stray cats or dogs, cares for them, and uses her platform to help them find a new home. A wholesome being who practices what she preaches.

Below, we reached out to the rising artist about her makeup inspirations and thoughts on cruelty-free makeup products.  

Describe yourself in 10 words or less.
List from the most prominent to the least.
1. Persistent.
2. Hardheaded.
3. Soft-hearted.
4. Pushover.
5. Organized.
6. Chaotic.
7. Strong.
8. Fragile.

One color that defines who you are. Why?
Pink because I used to consciously avoid it as a teen so I could “stand out.” The power it has over me omg.

What does beauty mean to you?
Power. Whenever I explore a makeup look, put together an outfit, curate my contents or form my opinions, morph myself and my personality as I learn and grow; I’m always in full control. That feels like power to me. 

Who inspires you?
Anybody and everybody that makes me happy through their personalities or their art.

How do you decide on a theme for a look?
I usually stumble upon ideas, triggered by literally anything that lights up my mind - a photo, a painting, plants, something someone said, music, etc. When my mind lights up, a blurry vision of what I could do with makeup comes up.

What is your favorite look/theme?
I’m trying very hard to think of just one thing but my mind is blank. I think it’s because I like experimenting and find it exhausting to stick to one style for too long. 

Parabens in makeup. Are they bad? Why?
According to Google, they are BAD and may negatively affect hormones. But I have no clue if it’s legitimately proven or not.😂

Why should people care if makeup products are tested on animals?
My heart says animals feel pain and fear too. They don’t deserve to be mutilated. My head says I also use a lot of other products that could’ve come from inhumane treatments towards animals—makeup, clothes, bags, soaps, etc. On the topic of what others should do, I think people should be aware of how animal testing is done and why it’s done, and form their own opinions on it. I share this world with billions of individuals, each with their own individual moral principles. I don’t have a short and cute answer to this because it’s not a cute matter. 

“I think people should be aware of
how animal testing is done
and why it’s done,
and form their own opinions on it.”

What is your favorite part of the “Cross The Line” liquid eyeliner pen? Why?
The lacquer-esque formula that’s long-lasting and peels off instead of melting.

Tips to spice up a daily makeup look to attend a festival/event
Draw all the shapes and things that bring you joy all over yourself—face, arms, body, everywhere!

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