Kittie Yiyi & Mdm. Wong: Wisdom for the next generation

Kittie Yiyi & Mdm. Wong: Wisdom for the next generation

Mothers and daughters serve a unique form of relationship- from bestie to the ones where they get on each other's nerves! We believe that many of you can relate to that if you have grown under the influence of a strict mother who kept you on your toes. Surprisingly, scientists once proved that tiger moms, in particular, might be paving a great way for their children, especially daughters, to be intelligent and successful. The fact was proved by Kittie, creative director of Kittie Yiyi, with her mother, Mdm. Wong.

Kittie has been challenging herself on creating a variety of designs in every season and even infusing her passion in beauty by launching the “Cross The Line" liquid eyeliner. Her boundless creativity, perseverance and diligence turns her into an outstanding entrepreneur. She became the proudest daughter of her mom.

Read on as Kittie shares her story with her mom on how we can better express our care towards our loved ones.

Tell us more about yourself and your mom.
W: I’m Wong Mei Ling, Kittie’s mother. I’m 60 years old. 

K: I’m Kittie Yiyi. I’m a fashion designer.

What is one positive and one negative thing about each other?
W: One of her good personalities is that she is a very dutiful daughter. She takes really good care of us. 

I felt guilty back then. I didn’t play a good role as a mom. We faced some financial problems when she was studying at college so we couldn’t give her extra pocket money. Fortunately, she managed to graduate and get her first job on her own. She has been really independent and sensible since then. She is wise, learned beyond her years.

I think she’s kind of overworked. She should practice self-care often.

K: She was like a tiger mom when I was young but I realized she scolded us for our own good after I grew up. The positive trait is that she strictly controlled our diet during our growing process leading us to be health conscious now. I feel grateful that my mom is constantly practicing a balanced lifestyle even though it is pretty annoying sometimes 🤪

(To Mdm. Wong) Being an influencer and entrepreneur, what are your thoughts about your daughter as you watched her grow throughout the years?
I feel so proud of her. She has courage to step out of her comfort zone to work in different fields. That's something that I never thought about before. 

Her thought goes beyond mine.

What do you think is the hardest part in being your mother?
My mom went through a hard time to bring us up. My mom has to work as a babysitter to earn extra income to support our family’s finances so she couldn’t spend much time with me. I was quite jealous when I saw other kiddos having my mom’s attention more than me. Hahaha! Still, I will lend my help to try to ease her burden. 

What would both of you like to say to your younger selves?
W: I will probably ask myself to continue my career path as a nurse after marriage. It was the only thing that I regretted.

K: I will urge myself to study harder to gain more knowledge and apply the skills that I obtained when I was young.

“I am not ready for the day to come when my mom isn't with me anymore.

It’s a thought I simply cannot imagine without breaking into tears.  ”

Recently Kittie's grandmother passed away. As a mother and granddaughter, what were the words or advice that you hold in your heart until today?
W: My mom always reminds me to take good care of myself.

K: I remember grandma told her children not to overprotect their kids.

What advice would you give to people who are not close with their mothers or grandmothers?
W: My mom enjoyed serving us with home-cooked foods when we visited her. Aging will make the elderly feel lonely. The only thing I suggest for youth is to go home often to spend time with them.

K: Everyone has parents that are aging, we could lose our parents at any time. Time really flies, try to make an effort to spend more time with them and express our love to them.

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