A service not to just transform your look, but also a reminder to find joy in fashion

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  • Best for WANDERLUSTS

    ✓ Rent up to 3 looks (1 look at a time)

    ✓ Rent a look up to 4 days

    ✓ Share plan between 2 pax 

    ✓ Rent items up to RM1800

    ✓ Shipping not included


    ✓ Rent up to 5 looks (1 look at a time)

    ✓ Rent a look up to 4 days

    ✓ Share plan between 2 pax 

    ✓ Rent items up to RM3000

  • Best for SOCIALITES

    ✓ Rent up to 8 looks (2 looks at a time )

    ✓ Share plan between 3 pax

    ✓ Exclusive Styling Service by Kittie Yiyi (by appointment only)

    ✓ Be added into Kittie Yiyi Collection's VIP list

    ✓ Rent 2 looks up to 4 days

    ✓ Rent items up to RM4800 (SS23 latest collection included)

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Please read our terms and conditions before subscribing to our plans.

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How to start renting?

You can browse and pick between our 'MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES' or 'ONE-TIME RENTAL'.

After that, you will be directed to book an appointment before renting.

Can I rent if I am residing in another state other than KL, Malaysia?

Due to each pieces of our collections being one and only pieces or limited edition, therefore our rental services are available and limited within KL, Malaysia only

You can read more about our 'RENTAL LIMITS' in our Rental Terms.

Are there additional fees for renting?

80% of refundable deposit will be collected for each look rented upon pick-up for 'Membership Plans' and 'One-Time Rental' programme. 

The amount will be refunded to the customer once all items are returned and confirmed without any irreparable damages by our staff.

How can I tell if an item is available?

You will be asked to select a date to book an appointment. If you are not able to select the dates you wish to book an appointment, it means that we are already fully booked. Our staff will reach out to you once your appointment is confirmed.

How long am I able to rent an item for?

Both rental program period is 4 days

The deliver/arrives by date and return on date are included in the rental period. 

Example, a 4-day rental period means that your item will arrive by Friday and you will post it back on Monday. In this example, both the Friday and the Monday are included in the 4-day period.

Can I try on items before renting an item?

For our 'One-Time Rental' program, you are able to try on items before renting. A fee of RM10 will be collected for every look tried on. Once an item is confirmed, the RM10 will be deducted from the rental fee.

For our member plans, you are able to try on items that are available before renting without any additional charges.

Do I need to dry-clean items before I send them back?

No, we will take of it! It's included in your rental fees.

Please do not under any circumstances attempt to clean a garment yourself. 

If you do this and cause permanent damage or staining, you will be liable for repair or replacement fees in accordance with our Rental Agreement.

What happens if I lose or damage an item?

If an item is lost or damaged beyond repair, the fee charged will be 100% of the original retail price of the garment. 

This fee will be on top of any amount already paid for rental or postage.

For the damaged item, it will still need to be returned to Kittie Yiyi, regardless of the amount of damage.

Do you charge late fees?

RM100 per day applies to both 'One-Time Rental' and 'Membership Plans'. 

Late fees will be charged until the item has been returned as this will affect a future booking for another customer. 

Items are to be returned on 'Return date' latest by 3pm to our Kittie Yiyi Studio.

Can I purchase my rental items?

Unfortunately we are not selling our rental items. 

But! We are open for customizations if you would like to purchase our rental items. 

Head to our Shop All > Pre-order > Customization