247 Lipstick

In Kittie Land, we believe being weird is a form of expression of your true self.
Our 247 Lipsticks cover different tones of red so everyone
can be at their most confident self from dusk till dawn.


Blending In as a Foodie at a Street Food Festival

🤩 Vibe and Mood 🎢
A foodie with a sweet tooth who blends effortlessly when they’re at a Street Food Festival.

🦋 Boujee Factor ✨
Blendable and buildable formula to get you looking like a snack

🧪 Secret Ingredient 🧫
Appetite booster, Mukbang-er blessed and Olus Oil

Playdate with a Fun Party Friend

🤩 Vibe and Mood 🎢
Exude main character energy with this lipstick to accessorize you as a fun party friend

🦋 Boujee Factor ✨
Still looking snatched after ten dance sessions with this lightweight formula

🧪 Secret Ingredient 🧫
Ten Shots of Tequila, Crazy Daisy and Avocado Oil

Matte-ly In Love with Myself

🤩 Vibe and Mood 🎢
Why love someone else when you can love yourself? Now that you understood the assignment, flaunt your main character energy with this non-drying matte lip cream!

🦋 Boujee Factor ✨
The center of attraction with no weight on your shoulders or your lips (because it’s lightweight)

🧪 Secret Ingredient 🧫
Cupid’s Arrow, Love Letters and Jojoba Oil

All three comes in different stunning tones of red, aimed and designed to compliment all skin tones

Feels like a soft fluffy cloud coated on your lips -- lightweight, buildable, blendable

Brings out your confidence to embrace all of you, accessorising you for the day ahead 247!

  247 from dusk till dawn

Be daring and express the weird side of you!

Who Cares? Stay Weird 247!