About Us


Kittie Yiyi is a Malaysian Chinese with a dream.
She strives to be a global designer in hopes to empower people through fashion.
Kittie Yiyi is first and foremost, a fashion designer, following her roles as
a business woman, influencer, blogger, daughter, sister and friend.

Kittie Yiyi represents versatility, expression and growth.
With our ever changing environment and fast paced lives, Kittie has grown to adapt while staying true to her values and representation through expression of
clothing, communication, and actions. 


Established in 2014, Kittie Yiyi is a fashion label based in Kuala Lumpur.
The label reflects on the designer's values and channels
her visions into versatile art pieces.

The brand is known for its
basic and unconventional pieces with exclusive prints
without a lost for comfort.

The designer hopes to empower and encourage people of
all ages, colour, shapes, personality, and traits to accept and
never be afraid to express who they truly are.

Never dull and boring, always fun and exciting.


A new sub-brand created by Kittie Yiyi's love for eyeliners and makeup. 
Kittie Yiyi Beauty launched it's first product - The 'Cross The Line' eyeliner
in November 2021.

Beauty is essential as a form of expression, but more importantly,
it is a journey of self-discovery to accept one's true self, good and bad.

With careful design for each product, Kittie Yiyi hopes to create safe and easy-to-use products that encourages women and men to channel
their inner creativity and freely express themselves.

The brand aims to create more educational or tutorial content catered for
different facial features to 
support individuals in achieving their desired look.