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Hey Yo!!! Welcome to Kittie Yiyi's fashion store where we aims to provide the fashion scene with wearable clothes with a lively style, through fun-loving personality.

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I barely remember when was the last time I travel with my family. My parents couldn't afford to send all of us to travel overseas, so we only went to the beach for short trip but it was still feel amazing for being together! I miss those time. When I was really small, I don't understand why people have dreams such as travel around the world, I hate travel the most among my family members. Why? I hate to pack and unpack stuff. I hate to being scolded by mama after travel: "why won't you wash your own undies???!" blablabla... Everything is a mess when travel ends. LOL


Then.... I grew up! I grew up with the most chances of flying around the world among my family members. This is all because I have a lovely bf, blogging platform and of course AABC. Since then, travel around and running the earth had became one of my biggest dreams in my life besides designer la...I want to leave my mark all over the countries, learning and gain more inspirations for my design. haha...


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